Spinal problems like - SPONDYLOLISTHESIS

Various neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, migraine etc are becoming the part of our life without getting voluntary invitation. The upper and lower motor neuron disorders are prevailed to such a level that the quality of life and burden of management of disorders is killing us. Where, the modern system of medicine is playing such an important role by giving the immediate effect/relief to the problem. In the same way Yoga, ayurveda and holistic lifestyle interventions have to come up with the research proved evidences and can complement the modern medicine to increase the quality of life, decrease the economical burden on patient and finally upgrading the overall health system.

Yoga has been found beneficial as one of the best Mind-Body medicine. It works on coreecting the imbalance in Autonomous nervous system and giving strength as well as improving the conduction of nerve impulses. The specific practices of Neurological care are as follows:


Cluster Headache although rare has a characteristic pattern. It comes on suddenly, lasting 30-45 minutes at the same time each day lasting a few weeks. The attacks occur in “clusters” of a few weeks with headache free period of a few months to even a year. Although difficult to find out a specific cause we can call this as another lifestyle related disorder.

Yoga Techniques for Cluster Headache

During episodes of acute head ache the yogic understanding about the prana imbalances is useful to get immediate relief. The Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy is to push yourself into Anandamaya Kosa which is free from pain and full of ease, and calmness. To achieve this you need to work at all levels.
At the Vijnanamaya kosa it is important to work with fearlessness. The notion “I have pain but must I suffer” has helped several patients with severe pain. Pain is yet another form of nerve impulse just like sensors of hot, cold, touch etc., “you should try and disconnect your feeling of suffering from the unpleasant nerve impulse. “This is very difficult  but not impossible. I need you to detach from the body and become an objective observer.
coming down to the Manomaya Kosa, recognize the speeded up loop of thoughts in your mind which whirls around suffering. “Let me slow down the speed and violence in these thoughts” is the next difficult step. To assist this slowing down and develop the attitude of an observer, start working with the prana by using physical and breathing movements. Though vigorous movements of limbs and fast breathing see how you can diffuse the pain even temporarily. This temporary cassation or reduction in pain is due to release of blockage of prana in the nadis in the painful area. This is a manifestation of excessive speed and constriction of prana. Once you reduce the speed, you can now start diffusing the prana by an imagery of “unwinding the spring packed up in a box of your skull or “diffusion of light and heat from the hot painful source of light at the point of pain”.

What physical and breathing practices would help during painful days of cluster headache?

For immediate relief -
  1. Spot jogging (20 - 40) with awareness of the feet and toes while counting the steps and suggesting that you are pushing the prana down to the feet.

  2. Mukha Dhouti (20 - 40) with the same awareness of exhaling out the speeded up blocks from the head.

  3. Chanting “AAA” 9 times to feel the soft vibrations in the Naval region.

  4. Sit in Shasankasana for 10 seconds to observe the painful zone.

Repeat this cycle of 5 minutes three times. Repeat this capsule of 15 minutes, 4 times a day on empty stomach.

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