The set of yoga practices should include the following

  1. A few physical postures - when you maintain in the final posture of the asana, concentrate intensely on the internal changes at the site of stretch; relax all unnecessary muscle contractions by passing your mind through the whole body; focus again on the point of stretch; start relaxing the point that is stretched (called prayatna saithilya); now move on to defocus by imagining the pain of the stretch diffusing away like a drop of ink that spreads into the surrounding pool of water. (Called Ananta Samapatti). The asanas that are selected should be those which improve the digestion (Pavanamuktasana, Vakrasana, Paschmatanasana, parivritta-trikonasana); and the asanas that would give a mild stretch to the affected part of the body. For example Vakrasana and Bhujangasana in breast cancer, Ardha-Cakrasana for throat cancer, Ardhasirsasna for head and neck cancer etc. In these postures Prayatna Shaithilya and anantha samapatti with deep internal awareness helps in giving very deep rest to the fighter cells that are in large number in the site.

  2. Pranayama and PET - the violent surge of Prana which has caused the aggressive multiplication of the cells, has to be controlled by slow deep abdominal breathing and all other breathing practice which is the essential step to move on to PET (Pranic Energization Technique). The slow breathing is the vehicle to become aware of the subtle energy that makes you breath. Once this is achieved you will move on to reduce the surges of prana in PET.

  3. Meditation techniques - meditation on OM, Cyclic meditation and MSRT (Mind Sound Resonance technique) are all very subtle methods to directly handle the violence in the conscious and subconscious layers of the mind.In MEMT (Mind Emotion Management Technique)you will understand and open up a lot of the hidden emotional suppressions in the Pandora's Box of the subconscious mind. Systematic regular practice of devotion and surrender to the divine with full faith invokes enormous strength into your White Blood Cells.

  4. VISAK (Vignana Sadhana Kaushala) is another technique for Notional Correction. This takes you into the knowledge from the upanisads which reveal the trick to be happy and be contented under all circumstances be it a difficult family or job or business situation; you will learn to exercise the complete freedom within. To realize the truth "Stress is speed, bliss is silence" is the key. This correction helps you to reset your life style completely. No person, or no situation can now affect you as you now know the trick of non-reaction and inner joy.

  5. ANAMS (Anandamrita Sinchana), is the trick to overcome the fear of death by a systematic analysis and training. The eight steps of ANAMS puts you in the state of absolute fearless state which you know is the most important factor that helps you to cure yourself as in the example of Ian Gowler. To accept and face death, you need to walk through the thick psychological barrier that stops you from imaging that you would die.

  6. These techniques developed by based on the scriptural knowledge of Indian seers are used by large number of cancer patients in different stages of the disease. Scientific analysis of the database on breast cancer patients who combine yoga to their conventional therapy has shown

    1. Reduced side effects during chemotherapy (CT) and radio therapy (RT).

    2. Lesser degree of anxiety and depression in yoga group as compared to non-yoga group.

    3. Better quality of life.

    4. Lesser immune system damage due to CT and RT.

    5. Increase in Natural Killer cell count in yoga group.

    Yoga for cancer, In this issue researchers describe how to invoke the inner healing potential through advanced techniques of yoga

    • Is self cure possible in cancer?

    If your own mind through stress ,emotions and fear can hasten the cancer, your own mind can cure it too! You should have total faith in your self healing capacity. Let me give you another example.I met Dr Tarayama from Japan who was an invitee for the international holistic health conference in 1991 and 2003 held in Bangalore. Tarayama was an executive of a big company; developed abdominal pain; seen by the experts; found to have advanced cancer in 1984; the lump could not be removed completely as it had advanced too far; he was told that he may not survive more than a few weeks; but he survived himself and is now helping large number of cancer patients in his beautiful nursing home in Japan. Last year when he came to our centre, I asked him ' Sir please tell us what happened in your mind when you were told that you have advanced disease?
    He said I was depressed. I even cried to my wife as to how the family would cope after I go away. But she gave me the confidence and said “Do not worry about us, we care for your well being”. These words triggered something deep within me. The fear went away. I prepared to die fearlessly. I started doing many things. I resigned my job, settled my financial issues, wanted to enjoy the remaining short period of my life; went to a monastery in Fuji mountains; walked up and down the hill daily; gave up meat and fish eating; drank wheat grass juice and other fresh juices; meditated on Sun God and I felt better and better every day. My disease disappeared completely. Scanning of my abdomen showed that there was no sign of cancer in my body anymore. I asked Tarayama what is your message for cancer patients. He said "LOVE THY CANCER CELLS!" Thus we have seen how self healing is possible through these two examples of cancer survivors, Tarayama and Ian Gowler.

    • How does this happen?

    It is the immune system that has the capacity to scavenge away the abnormal cells. Yoga works through strengthening immune system which consists of different types of white blood cells.
    The Indian seers(Yogis) has understood the mechanism of how to invoke and canalize this inner healing potential to the best of its ability. When the mind is agitated in response to long standing stressfully demanding situations (either external calamities or unfinished internal targets) the homoeostasis (balance) is disturbed at Manomaya Kosa. This percolates into the Pranamaya Kosa as uncontrolled activity of Prana.. In course of time this becomes a bad habit. Thus it assumes the nature of a reflex response of drawing too much Prana for very minor situations and this becomes your nature. As time passes this creates imbalance in the functioning of all the control panels such as the nervous system, endocrine system and the immune system. Once the highest control is disturbed the organization collapses leading to malfunctioning of the whole organism. Yogis also understood that all these start off at the psychological level by erratic life style of wrong eating and sleeping habits, bad company, wrong way of sense pleasures, wrong ways of earning money etc. Hence the therapy includes tackling the problem at all levels. The importance of this knowledge is that ,even at this stage when you seem to have reached the terminal phase in the process of descent, complete reversal is possible by exercising your will. (prati prasava). The entire program in your soft wear can be reset if you debug it. Yoga is the antivirus program. How does this work? It works simply through giving very deep rest to each and every cell in the body which helps to rejuvenate the cells and restores the DNA repair mechanism.

    • Prasarita Padottanasana

    Prasarita means expanded, spread, extended. Pada means a foot. The pose is one where the expanded legs are stretched intensely. Technique

    • Sthiti : Tadasana

    1. Spread the legs apart (5 feets) and place the hands on waist.

    2. Inhale and lean back .

    3. Tighten the legs by drawing up the knee-caps. Exhale, and place the palms on the floor in line with the shoulders between the feet.

    4. Inhale and raise the head up, keeping the back concave.

    5. Exhale, bend the elbows and rest the crown of the head on the floor, keeping the weight of the body on the legs. Do not through the body weight on the head. Both feet, both palms and the head should be in a straight line. Stay for half a minute with deep breathing.

    6. Inhale, raise the head from the floor and straighten the arms at the elbows. Keep the head well up by making the back concave.

    7. Exhale and stand as in position.

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