Bars Workshops

WORKSHOP ON BARS/HYPNOTHERAPY BY MONISHA Workshop on 07/09/2013 & 08/09/2013 21/09/2013 & 22/09/2013 05/10/2013 & 06/10/2013 Saturday 2pm to 6pm Sunday 9am to 1pm

Monisha provides a nurturing and healing space where you will be heard, where you can let go of whatever that has been dragging you down. I have spend many years exploring ways to improve me, my health and my life.

I have attended many classes and workshops applying different tools and techniques along the way. I have worked with multiple energy modalities.
Monisha specializes in Access Bars, Access Body Process, Reiki, EFT & Hypnotherapy for:

  • Fears, Phobias & Pain Relief
  • Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Children's and Women's Issues
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem issues
  • Relationship & Procrastination issues
  • Stop Smoking and more

What are Access Bars?

The Bars are 32 points on the head that when gently touched, release the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are locked up in our body and keep us stuck in self-defeating and limiting habits and behaviors. The Bars are incredibly powerful in that they can change and create ease with so many different aspects of living… sleep, depression, money flows, relationships, weight and body considerations, study, stress and a whole lot more! This is an opportunity for you to let go of everything

We have learn so much behavior, conditioning, emotional patterns, responses, etc from our parents, grandparents, extended family, school, teachers, current colleagues or friends that are stored in our brain (a lot of which is subconscious) and which inhibit us from performing at our optimum potential, or being the person we want to be and can be. 

Have you ever wondered why you keep choosing the same things in your life that don’t really work for you
Why do you feel that you want money, but money does not seem to want you? What if the right relationship has evaded you for years? What if there are blocks within you that cause you to fall sick or even have a disease that never belonged to you in the first place? What if you have all of the above (then you definitely need to get your "Bars run" :)

Every time you agreed with what someone said/thought or resisted what someone said/thought, you got polarized with that judgment and made it real for you and stored itself as a energetic file your Bars. So running Bars is like defragmenting your hard drive. It begins to delete all these old files (judgements, limitations, conclusions, decisions, computations, etc) and creates more space within you, which is consciousness!! And yes as you run the bars for someone, yours run too and that's a wonderful  benefit!

Bars is something you can add to that helps facilitate your clients, family and friends.
  Therapists such as Chiropractors, massage therapists etc. have found it complementary to the therapies they offer.

Oh by the way, did I mention? This is an awesome tool to work with your child! Parents and children can do this together!!!

 What are the benefits of having a Bars session?
There are so many benefits there is not room enough to name them all here. Below you will find just a few of the common benefits:

  • People or situations that once drove you nuts and created great difficulty in your life suddenly no longer bothers you, and is not a problem any more.
  • Begin to receive everything easily.
  • Deep relaxation, while revitalizing and energizing at the same time.
  • More ease with every aspect of life.
  • Changing everything that does not work in your life, into something that does without any effort; other than to lay there and have someone touch the 32 points on your head.
  • Erasing what is creating limitations in your life without having to know how this works, or believe in it.
  • Happiness. General depression vanishes for many after just one session.
  • Grades, work performance and mental clarity increase without studying longer or working harder.
  • Quicker recovery time with any old or new injury, surgery, disease and for overall health improvement.

Access Bars is a prerequisite for many Access Consciousness classes because it offers you a physical awareness of what it is to receive. Most of us are fantastic at giving and giving and giving, and we are not so great at knowing how to receive! This is one of the ways we stop our money flows… if we are not able to receive, then money doesn't tend to show up with ease!