Meditation Class

Vision and Mission

Yoga Class in Singapore

To provide an authentic quality based, research proven Yoga practice, Ayurvedic lifestyle guidance, Integrative therapy and World class education to individuals round the globe.


Bullet To be the provider of total health benefits through the help of research proven evidence of Yoga and allied sciences.
Bullet To become an institute which educates the limitations, indications and contraindications about the practices of yoga and lifestyle change to new yoga learners or beginners.
Bullet To become an institute which educates the scientific development and findings of Yoga and Ayurveda by conducting workshops and seminars by the eminent and renowned scientists/clinicians of the world.
Bullet To become an institute which trains and educates individuals as best teachers for yoga and Ayurveda principles, with long term field training and internship.
Bullet To become an institute which gives advance training to yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle educators trained from different schools and make them understand the limitations, indications and contraindications.
Bullet To become an institute which can enhance and uplift the level of yoga and Ayurveda education in Singapore and the whole world from the existing condition of blind follower’s level to advanced scientific research proved and evidence based level.
Bullet To become an organization which educates conduct regular meets, retreats, discourses, conferences on fitness and health care in Singapore or abroad to update the information and research findings of our trained teachers and educators.

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